Development video:



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Genre: RTS
Time: 5 weeks
Engine: Manyhat Engine

My responsibilities:
– Build heightmap from top down map
– Make splatmap/blendimage and blendmasks
– Lighting – cubemap, directional light and local light sources
– Make distinguishable areas on the map for player orientation
– Place props – at least 98% of all props

In addition to this I also made:
– One terrain texture – cracked stone and volcanic ashes
– Several props – lantern, campfire, torch, skull and thigh bone, piles of volcanic ashes and more
– I also tweaked props which mostly included hue, saturation and brightness in the albedo and light information

Tools used: ManyHat Engine and tools, Autodesk Maya, Autodesk Mudbox, Adobe Photoshop, xNormals

The game is now available on IndieDB. Download link and trailer below:

Durôdom Release Trailer – Indie DB